Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011 May - Stockholm

I left Lebanon and headed to Stockholm, Sweden! After a layover in Prague (still need to visit that city), I arrived in Stockholm around noon. My wonderful friend Noriko lives in Stockholm and was kind enough to let me stay with her for the weekend. Noriko and I worked a lot of long hours together in NY and I was so excited to reunite with her again!

I dropped my bags off at Noriko's and then ventured around the city until she got off work. Stockholm is really a beautiful city. I really liked it. I just wondered around, taking pictures, and doing some shopping.

After walking around Galma Stan (the old town) and taking in as much as I could....I met up with Noriko and we headed back towards her place. Her husband met up with us for dinner at a delicious Thai place near their apartment.

Noriko had to work the next day, so after going for a run in the morning and doing some laundry....I did more wondering. And decided to go to the Vasa Museum which stores a 17th century ship.... It was pretty impressive.

The next day was Saturday so Noriko was able to spend the day with me! We decided to go to the Stockholm Archipelago [Islands].

The Islands are usually full of people in the summer months - but since it was only May and still a little chilly out, they were quiet. But still beautiful and very peaceful.

We got lunch on the Island at the only open restaurant. Of course I had to order the Swedish Meatballs and ligonberry jam! They were so good!

Then some ice cream before heading back on the boat back to the city!

When we got back, Noriko took me to a place to look out over the city. The sun was starting to set so it was really beautiful. Then we grabbed dinner on the way back to her place and I packed my stuff to get ready to fly to Norway the next day!

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